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Maximizing Instrument Uptime and Efficiency to Accelerate Your Lab

Whether you are a CRO or a lab focused on toxicology, diagnostics, or academic research, the personalized HPLC service provided by Elite LCMS will more than support your goals.

“We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built, which is why we can take care of your needs. We look forward to building our next relationship, that is why we love what we do.”

Established in 2011, Elite LCMS Services combines professional service with personalized commitment unique to the HPLC industry. Owner Matt Weiss has over 30 years of experience in field service and customer support, with over 20 years focused in the LC-MS field. Matt brings a professional and personalized approach to all customers and delivers a level of service that larger providers simply can’t match.

“Our HPLC service is centered around the business of your lab. We endeavor to work closely with all of our customers to ensure maximal uptime and efficiency for their instruments.”


  • Elite LCMS offers front end HPLC repair, service, and maintenance to cover all aspects of your operational needs. The service platform is built upon creating service agreements and strategic partnerships that serve the needs of the customer.


  • Owner Matt Weiss has performed HPLC validation of LC-MS systems for over 20 years in a wide range of lab environments. HPLC validation assistance is offered independently or as part of service contracts.


  • Elite LCMS also provides relocation services to help reposition your instruments while helping you to maintain maximum uptime and continued performance.

Refurbished Instrument Sales

  • In addition to service on new instrumentation, Elite LCMS offers refurbished LC system sales. These affordable solutions come with a warranty in near new quality. Sales can be configured to fit any customer need or budget.

Factory Certified

  • The Elite LCMS team is factory trained on: Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo, and CTC hardware, and specializes in Aria Multiplexing technology widely used across the industry.


Kevin Weiss, MBA and Head of Operations and Strategy weighs in on some important questions regarding the Elite LCMS approach in an interview with LabX:

What are the advantages of having in-house expertise?

“Training users to be technically capable, or what we would call advanced users, is invaluable in creating a successful environment. Our expertise while onsite allows us to facilitate the repairs and maintenance that is needed to keep the customer’s instrumentation operating at peak performance.”

“When problems come up, especially at critical moments, immediate remote troubleshooting is that invaluable tool to get the customer back up and running quickly. This is more readily accomplished when the user has the technical capabilities to receive troubleshooting instructions. With that said, we try to take the time to make sure our customers are comfortable with their systems and know the basics of how to troubleshoot their systems.”

What are the advantages of offering refurbished HPLC instrument sales from an expert service provider?

“There are many arguments to be made on both sides of this question. Some customers just like to buy new. They feel that the newest technology is needed, or wanted, to stay current. But that comes with a price, a very steep price, to buy new equipment. But the majority of customers need solid quality equipment. They are results oriented and have tried and true LC-MS methods and are looking at expanding their operation.”

“Perhaps they are a startup looking for basic LC-MS needs and trying to control their capital outlay. These are the environments where refurbished equipment is the perfect solution. Much like buying a new car, when you drive it off the lot it is immediately a used car. LC-MS equipment is markedly durable and has been around for decades. Buying LC-MS equipment that has been refurbished by a professional, and comes with a full year warranty just like the manufacturer, is an excellent cost-effective measure for labs that are looking to get started, or expand, economically.”

How does factory certified training enhance the ability to service multiple types of instrumentation?

“Being factory certified on equipment means you have been trained with the technical expertise and documentation from that specific manufacturer. Having the knowledge from one, or many, certifications mean you are fully prepared to service multiple types of instrumentation in a skilled and professional manner.”

What is the value of expertise in servicing industry technology such as Aria Multiplexing HPLC systems?

“In HPLC systems there are certain basics that transcend all platforms. But there are certain platforms that require nuanced and detailed understanding of their basics and advanced capabilities. The Aria Multiplexing HPLC platform is one of those. Whereas it is independent HPLCs multiplexed together, the overall system requires a comprehensive knowledge of its use as a whole.”

What do you feel are the most important features of a quality service provider, and how do these features help define your business model and mission?

“First and foremost is understanding your customer. Every customer is unique, and the pressures they feel within their own lab drive their needs for service. I believe communication is paramount. So many problems arise from miscommunication or lack of communication. Always be up front with your customers, they want to be successful, and if you want that for them as well, it will come across through solid communication and teamwork.”

“I believe being a quality service provider is like being a good team builder. If you can create the relationship with your customer where there is trust, then both parties are honest about what it is they need. I believe in partnerships, everybody wins, and everybody feels fulfilled by the service provided. Our mission is to build team work with our customers so they can be successful, we can be successful, and we move forward together.”

This editorial was written by LabX and published in partnership with Elite LCMS Services.

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