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Service Overview

Elite LCMS owner Matt Weiss has been a Field Service Engineer for 35+ years. Beginning with a career in servicing ventilators and O.R. anesthesia delivery systems, then moving on to microbiology, and finally ending up in LCMS with Cohesive Technologies in 2000. Being the first Field Service Engineer hired by Cohesive Technologies means he has been with the Aria multiplexing HPLC platform for the product's entire existence, and still is today. In fact, he was part of the team that installed the very first revolutionary multiplexing HPLC in California 2001. With the unique capabilities of the Aria multiplexing HPLC system to use Shimadzu or Agilent pumps, it afforded the opportunity to be factory trained on various Agilent and Shimadzu HPLC components, and factory training on all CTC PAL platforms. All these skills have been in use for the last 20 years, not just on the Aria platform, but a vast array of lab setups. This makes Elite LCMS Service a confident choice for varied LCMS service needs, or stand-alone CTC PAL needs.

HPLC CTC Autosampler

Experience and an Individualized Approach to Service 

    Being factory trained and having years of experience is only part of the equation to offering excellent, customer friendly support. Putting the customer first while keeping an eye on the bottom line is paramount. Whereas you must stay in business to provide the service for your customers, you must always understand the customer’s needs and particular situation, and those are rarely the same for each customer. This is where a small, agile, responsive service provider comes in. Understanding each customer and knowing that one solution won’t fit for everyone.

Elite LCMS Individualized LCMS Service

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