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Shimadzu HPLC Pumps

Established in 2011, Elite LCMS Services strives to provide the professional service you expect with the personal touch you won’t find with larger service providers. Owner Matt Weiss has 30+ years of field service and customer support expertise and 20+ years in the LCMS field. Being factory trained on Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo, and CTC hardware allows us to provide a well-rounded support offering while specializing in the Aria Multiplexing technology still prevalent in the industry. From LCMS repair and maintenance to instrument relocation services, we can address your needs. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built, which is why we are still in business, and we look forward to building our next relationship.

Our LCMS service approach is centered around the business of your lab. Even if you're a CRO, the principle business values of maximizing efficiency and uptime still apply. Elite LCMS endeavors to work closely with all our customers to ensure maximal uptime for their instruments. Whether your goal is profit margin or science, the individualized HPLC service Elite LCMS offers will support your goals

Elite LCMS HPLC Service

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