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Expedited, Expert LC-MS and HPLC Repair Service

Laboratory equipment repairs are expensive and the sensitive equipment requires specialized training and expertise to operate, maintain and repair them. When you need LC-MS or HPLC repair service regardless of the manufacturer, count on Elite LCMS.  

Professional, Consistent Solutions for Laboratory Equipment Service and Repair 

We use our decades of experience and training to make repairs accurately and efficiently while staying agile enough to provide individualized service. Enjoy even more benefits, like priority service response times and a fixed cost, with a HPLC or LCMS Service Contract.

We Make Repairs Easy for You.  

When your HPLC or LC-MS equipment is down, you’re losing money. Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact us and provide details about the machine that isn’t working.

If the fix requires an onsite visit by one of our engineers, we’ll schedule the appointment. If parts are needed, we can source them quickly through our trusted partner network and alternatives that manufacturers don’t have. 

One of our engineers will make the onsite repair. Additionally, they will perform tests to ensure the machine is working correctly and check for any other maintenance or repairs that may be needed. Most equipment problems are resolved with just one visit. 

We provide virtual troubleshooting to determine why the instrument isn’t working and what parts, if any, are needed to fix it. Depending upon the problem, sometimes we can troubleshoot to resolution over the phone.

Pressure isn’t staying consistent, which affects the ability to get statistical peaks. 

LC Pressure Instability

Weak MS Signal

The instrument is reaching the right pressure but isn’t getting enough feedback to get a response. It usually just needs to be cleaned, which we can walk your staff through virtually. 

Power Problems

The instrument won't stay on or basic functions aren't working.

What Are the Most Common HPLC-MS Repair Problems?

Not all lab instrument services require an onsite visit. We can often help your team troubleshoot virtually and fix common repairs. While they are complex instruments, most repairs fall into one of three common categories of problems. 

Instrumentation We Support

Models of Laboratory Equipment We Repair 

We provide support, including HPLC and LC-MS equipment service contracts, to many brands and specialize in the following types of instrumentation and manufacturers.

We can repair and service other brands and machines, including CTC autosamplers. Contact us to discuss your service needs.

Our Specialties Include




ThermoFisher's Aria




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