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Refurbished HPLC Equipment and Mass Spectrometers

Whether you need to add, replace or refurbish a piece of lab equipment, Elite LCMS Services makes it as easy as possible. We work with you to understand your budget, to source the equipment if needed and refurbish it to like-new performance.

What’s Included with Refurbished Lab Equipment from Elite LCMS Services?  

With refurbished lab equipment, the hardware has a proven history of durability, maintainability and repairability. We replace all flow components and recondition or replace the exterior and any other parts as needed. You can expect to get years of like-new performance. 

Step 01

Source Equipment (If Needed)

We work with you to determine your all-in budget and the best time to buy based on your needs. We buy equipment at auction and refurbish it ourselves.

Step 02

Replace or Recondition Exterior 

Cases are replaced, repainted or powder coated to give them a like-new appearanc

Step 03

Replace Flow Components

All valves, seals, tubing are replaced. While they may still be functional, they can have internal build-up and be deformed.  

Step 04

Clean or Replace Core Hardware

Other parts are tested and then either cleaned, lubricated or replaced.

Step 05

Conduct End-to-End Testing

Each unit is tested for leaks, pressure stability and flow rate to ensure it meets manufacturers specifications.

Step 06

Install Unit

Pumps are reinstalled in a brand-new, customer designed phenolic resin table. 

Refurbished HPLC instrumentation is tested to manufacturer specs and provides several benefits:  

Produces the same results as new equipment 

Comes with a three-month warranty 

Costs 30-50% less than new and less than you will find on the used market 

Every instrument that we source and refurbish is eligible for a discount service contract. Learn more about the benefits of our service contracts

Get the Performance You Need at a Fraction of the Cost with Refurbished HPLC Instrumentation 

With our refurbished HPLC equipment, you save thousands of dollars on equipment that performs like new and looks like new because we also replace or recondition the exterior. You also receive a three-month warranty, which is backed by our decades of experience.  

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