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Count on Experience When You Need Laboratory Relocation Services

Laboratory moves are complex and can be costly. Reduce your risk of downtime due to damaged equipment by contracting with the experienced lab relocation specialists at Elite LCMS Services. We can handle all aspects of your move, from planning and transport to installation and validation of instrumentation.  

Make One Call for Your Lab Relocation Needs

There are many moving parts to relocating your laboratory. By allowing Elite LCMS Services to decommission, package, relocate and install your laboratory equipment, you'll have peace of mind and be able to focus on the other facets of the business like daily operations, staffing and more. 

We Create a Comprehensive Plan and Help You Stick to It

Elite LCMS Services has vast experience in the instrument relocation process across a variety of laboratory types and manufacturers. We’ll also help you think through worst-case scenarios and be ready to troubleshoot if an unforeseen a challenge arises.  

We Safely Package, Move and Install Your Lab Equipment

Laboratory relocations are a major event. With that, primary concerns are lab moving costs, timeliness of the move to maximize uptime, and safety of your sensitive equipment. Our process is thorough and efficient. Elite LCMS Services will have your equipment safely and thoroughly moved, tested and back in operation as quickly as possible.

How Elite LCMS Services is a Different Kind of Laboratory Relocation Company

Experience Across Labs and Models 

Our team has 40 years of combined experience. While we have expertise in Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher and CTC hardware, we have the technical knowledge to move all manufacturers and models.  

One Trusted Process Tailored to Your Move

We start with the same repeatable process for all laboratory moves, manufacturers and models. We ask a lot of questions to ensure we understand your goals and any challenges to anticipate.  

We Handle All Logistics

We create a complete plan, considering contingencies. We help you at every step in the process, including any troubleshooting if problems arise.  

Rely on Our Laboratory Relocation Services

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