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Mass Spectrometer Service Contracts and Instrument Sourcing Service

Elite LCMS Services has decades of experience providing lab instrument services, including contract service, repairs and unique LC and MS instrument sourcing and refurbishment process. You can rely on the same professionalism every time you work with us. 

Keep and Maximize Your LC-MS Instruments

In a fast-paced analytical laboratory, your LC-MS instruments are the backbone of your day-to-day operations. Navigating arbitrary lifecycle timelines levied by manufactures, puts laboratory leaders across the country in an operational and fiscal, conundrum. The capital to replace at scale is taxing or worse. The prospect of changing platforms can be challenging on your team. Most importantly, the instruments work exceedingly well already; why replace them? 

However, national laboratory leaders have more options than they may know when navigating other fleet of instruments that can afford them the ability to save time, money and frustration. Even if you’re being pressured to replace trusted instruments such as the work horse AB Sciex 4000 and 5000 series instruments due to discontinuation, you still have options.

Access "The Lab Manager’s Guide to Navigating LC-MS Instrument Discontinuation” to gain actionable strategies to minimize disruptions and maximize your equipment longevity. 

Packed with expert knowledge and industry best practices, this exclusive whitepaper provides a detailed look into the options and solutions that industry leaders have at their disposal.  


Complete with advanced troubleshooting guidance to identify potential risks, implement preventive maintenance protocols, and establish contingency plans for your aging instruments, this whitepaper will empower you to control the lifecycle timeline for your workhorse instruments.   


Don’t let aging instruments or discontinuation pressure hold you back. Unlock the full potential of your LC-MS instruments and experience the peace of mind knowing your lab is running at peak efficiency for at least another decade.  


Enter your email address now and gain instant access.  

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