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Get Priority Response Times and More with Lab Instrument Service Contracts

Updated: May 9

Female lab technician inserting a group of vials into a HPLC instrument.

Lab instrument service contracts offer many benefits, including expedited service, a fixed cost for repairs and more peace of mind. When HPLC or LC-MS instrumentation is down, lab managers can make just one call to their service provider. Repairs are made faster because the technician is more familiar with the lab and equipment. One contract also means spending less time on laboratory equipment management, like paperwork and billing, and more time on growing the business.  

Avoid more downtime with expedited repairs

Labs lose valuable time and revenue if instrumentation isn’t working properly, or at all. Service providers give contract customers priority over other billable repairs. While it may seem like an advantage to have a local service provider, that’s not necessarily the case. Some repairs can be done through virtual troubleshooting. If an on-site visit is needed, most repairs can still be done within an industry standard response time of 48 hours, even if that requires a 5-hour drive or 3-hour flight for an engineer. It’s better to have an engineer that can perform repairs thoroughly to avoid more downtime than that the engineer be located near the lab.  

One cost for all managed lab services

HPLC and LC-MS instrumentation is extremely sensitive and thus, costly to maintain. One significant repair can impact an entire year’s budget. With a service and maintenance contract, labs can budget more effectively knowing there won’t be surprise repair bills popping up throughout the year. Contracted service providers also provide preventative maintenance to lengthen the life of the instruments and can train lab staff to properly care for it to reduce the need for more repairs or downtime.  

More peace of mind that repairs are done right

Knowing the potential costs associated with having sensitive mass spec instruments down in a lab, it is not necessarily important that a service provider is local. It’s more important to be confident that a service provider can perform maintenance and repairs accurately, consistently and efficiently. When selecting a contract provider, consider the team’s combined experience, training and turnover.  


Save time and money with lab instrument service contracts

With lab instrument service contracts, machines experience less downtime because they’re properly maintained all year round. When a repair is needed, lab managers need only make one call. Depending upon the terms of the contract, the repair is usually done within 48 hours and at no extra cost. Take advantage of these benefits and rely on our more than 40 years of combined experience with a service and maintenance contract from Elite LCMS Services. Contact us today.  


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