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Regular LC-MS Service Improves Productivity and Revenue

A female lab tech using a HPLC system.

HPLC and LC-MS instruments are expensive and sensitive equipment that requires specialized training and expertise to operate and maintain. Regular maintenance and calibration are necessary to ensure they operate within their specifications, providing accurate and reliable results. HPLC and LC-MS service can also prolong the lifespan of the instruments by preventing damage or wear and tear on sensitive components, which leads to costly repairs or even instrument failure. By investing in regular service, labs can save money and prevent costly downtime.  

What are the benefits of regular LC-MS service? 

By investing in regular service, labs minimize the risk of instrument failure and ensure instruments are operating at peak performance. This improves workflow and productivity, enabling labs to process more samples and do it accurately. They also improve turnaround times and can generate more revenue.  

Take advantage of training opportunities for laboratory staff.

As mentioned above, you need a trained professional to operate and maintain LC systems. When performing regular maintenance, you have an opportunity for a qualified service technician to also provide valuable training for laboratory staff. This can help them better understand the capabilities and limitations of these instruments. Given the state of labor in the industry, many companies are forced to hire lab personnel with limited experience. Having a knowledgeable and reliable service provider who can train newer staff can help limit the impact of this trend. 

What to look for in a service provider.

While the benefits of regular HPLC and LC-MS service are clear, ensure your service company's background matches your expectations. For example, the Elite LCMS Services team has more than 40 years of combined industry experience. That means we provide maintenance on LC systems accurately, consistently and efficiently. Our team has trained many laboratory staff over the years. Regardless of the type of service you need, you can be sure that you will get the same level of expertise and professionalism every time you work with us. 

Consider the benefits of contract service .

While regular maintenance is important, there are additional benefits of having a full-service contract with us. You get priority service response, no surprise repair costs, parts delivered quickly and expert service. You’ll maximize uptime and patient results while limiting interruptions to revenue.  

Contact us to discuss the benefits of regular HPLC and LC-MS service

Regular maintenance of sensitive lab equipment helps ensure accurate results, increase throughput and reduce costly downtime. Depending upon your service provider, it may also present an opportunity to train inexperienced lab staff to keep instrumentation running at peak performance and make minor repairs when needed. We provide all these services and more.


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