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Service for HPLC Instrumentation and the Importance of Power Users

Updated: May 9

HPLC Instrumentation in the Lab

One of the strongest support systems you can have with an HPLC service provider is well-trained users; some call them power users. When the last thing you want to deal with is laboratory repair services, counting on a well-rounded user can be the key to getting your HPLC mass spectrometry back up and running as quickly as possible. At Elite LCMS services we don’t shy away from providing advanced training for users as we know how valuable it can be for laboratory staff to recognize common errors in their HPLC Instrumentation.

Customer Benefits of Training Users 

When bolstering training for laboratory staff, common user-related issues become increasingly more recognizable and ultimately avoidable. Instead of other HPLC service providers who opt to bill LCMS users for such errors, we’d rather provide the training to equip your team with the knowledge to steer clear of common issues in the future. Less severe issues related to HPLC instrumentation can be fixed quickly, resulting in less downtime for the lab. Empowering users to accurately communicate an issue with their HPLC instrumentation to their service provider drastically reduces the laboratory’s downtime.  

HPLC Service Provider Benefits of Training Users 

When training a new user, the importance and emphasis on communication about errors is often overlooked. Providing the right information for base-level HPLC instrumentation troubleshooting can result in fixing a problem faster, without the need for a service call. This can come down to correctly naming the problem and having the proper part on hand when a visit is necessary, which reduces the downtime of the HPLC instrumentation and improves the efficiency of the repair.

Service for HPLC Instrumentation and Our Approach   

Elite LCMS Services subscribes to the idea of training users to benefit both parties. Other HPLC service providers may think the customer will attempt their servicing. The reality is that users appreciate the ability to get their systems up and running as soon as possible. With a well-trained user, phone support becomes a powerful tool. Speaking the same technical language dramatically improves the chances of the user being efficient, timely, and ultimately successful in troubleshooting regular issues. Consider an issue that arises late in the day on a Thursday: the standard response time for any company’s engineer on site is 48 hours. Instead of a laboratory being down for the weekend, a power user can take direction by phone or text support and be up and running before the day is out.  


Ready to Become a Power User? 

No service model is one size fits all which is why at Elite LCMS Services we work with each HPLC customer to create individualized support. Contact us today and learn to expedite the most common HPLC instrumentation repair problems. 


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